The Busyness of Life

I love Fall and most things associated with it – the cooler weather, the leaves changing colors, crisp apples, bright orange pumpkins. I would say that Fall is my favorite season of the year. Unfortunately, it is hard to enjoy the wonder of Fall with the busyness that comes with it. School is beginning again and with it other activities are ramping up – soccer, scouts, swimming, small group. I looked at our calender today and there was not a single night in the past two weeks that we were home together was a family. I am feeling overwhelmed and so are the kids. I have noticed they are whining more and they seemed to be a lot more tired. Gone are the days when they could play, ride bikes and just have fun and in it’s place is a type of weariness. So, today I took out my huge pair of time scissors and began to prune down our schedule. Swimming lessons – gone. Soccer party – gone. School work – trimmed back. Scouts – trimmed back. Small group – trimmed back. Now, I am realistic enough to know that there will be days that we are burdened again with busyness but I have to protect the time that we have together as a family. The day will come when my children are busy with their own children and full lives and I will look back and wish for these days again – days that were filled with pumpkin picking, bike riding and jumping in fall leaves. I will smile and be glad that I pruned our lives so that the important things could flourish.

Maroon 5 or some other band?

John and I went to a concert at Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre At Encore Park in Alpharetta (shameless plug for you TR!) last night and it was fantastic. I have been blessed to go to several concerts there over the past 2 summers and it just keeps getting better. Last night we saw V.V. Brown, Kris Allen (of American Idol fame?) and Maroon 5. We had the ever wonderful Katiesitter come to watch the kids a tad bit early and decided to make a evening of it. Our goal was to have a grown up dinner with grown up conversation and finish with a grown up concert. We tried to eat dinner at two different restaurants before deciding that waiting an hour to get the chance to sit down was not the experience we had in mind. So, we ended up at Panera Bread, which was on a little crowded and crazy but ended up fine in the end. The best part was having grown up conversation and not being interrupted every 5 seconds. It was still early in the evening when we finished but since we didn’t have anything else planned we just motored over to VZAMP. We got parked and headed into find our seats that were graciously given to us by my BFF. We hung out and talked for a little while listening to V.V. Brown (who is that, BTW?). We then spotted BFF and she was nice enough to bump us up to boxed seats right in front of the stage. It was awesome seating! We could see everything! Ok, so far so good. Now, here is the funny part. I went to the concert not knowing exactly who Maroon 5 was. I have 2 of their songs on my iPod which I enjoy listening to but if I saw them in the airport I would have no idea who they were. So, out comes this band with 5 guys and I think “Great, here is Maroon 5”. I sit and listen to a few songs and can’t believe that I don’t know any of these songs. Plus, they seemed to be doing several cover songs, including one by Tina Turner (and later Michael Jackson). Well, BFF leans over and tells me that this isn’t Maroon 5, it is Kris Allen. Her hubby just texted her to let her know that M5 wouldn’t be on stage until 10pm. I felt like a doofus. I had no idea that this wasn’t them. I wondered how many other people in the place who are equally out of touch with popular culture thought that this band was Maroon 5 too? I didn’t even know who Kris Allen is. We haven’t had cable tv in over a year and we just don’t keep up with popular shows, including but not limited to American Idol. Well, except for that small blip the night was great. Full of laughter, air guitar, screaming and love. We didn’t get to bed until 1am, which in our world only happens if we are in the emergency room. So, a shout out to TR, BFF, my crazy partner in crime and life John and Maroon 5 (whomever you are). It was a night to remember….

Sew easy?? I think not.

I have had a sewing machine for a few years now. John bought it for me the first Christmas we were in our house and I had a vision that I would be putting lots of miles on it. Well, good intentions can sometimes be your worst enemy. You wonder what the problem is? I have to admit that I am intimidated by it. I get it out and thread it (which takes me 30 minutes of pouring over the manual with a few tears shed) and then it just sits there and stares at me. I imagine that it is like a bully on the playground. Taunting me. Waiting for me to make the first move so that it can slap me down. You would think that after having birthed two children (albeit with lots of help from an epidural), I would be invincible. I would be able to tackle any task. Why am I scared of my sewing machine? I am not exactly sure. It has all these buttons, knobs and diagrams that I don’t understand. I am a fairly smart woman and I have read the manual a few dozen times but for some reason it just hasn’t clicked with me. I did make a few curtains when we first moved in and I have a bin of fabric that one of my friends donated to my cause. But alas, nothing else has come to fruition. So, I am here to declare that I am going to battle my sewing machine this school year and I will be the victor. There are projects that I know I am capable of completing if I will just get over the fear. Watch out Singer Sewing Machine Monster, your days are numbered. Now, does anyone know where I can get an epidural before I unbox it?

A scouting we will go….

Tonight John and Josh attended the first ever Boy Scout roundup in Josh’s short life. He is a 1st grader now and is able to join the scouts. He has been waiting for this moment for awhile now. So, off they went to converge with other males and their offspring. Josh said it would be a perfect evening if they handed him a pocket knife and a bow & arrow and drop him off in the woods to fend for himself.Oh, to have the confidence and lack of fear that he has at 6 years old!

John was a boy scout when he was younger and has fond memories of camping and other boyish activities that he wanted Josh to participate in. So, in an effort to provide that experience for Josh, John agreed to become the leader of the pack (do I hear motorcycles revving in the background??). There are now 6 small boys looking to him for guidance toward becoming the men they will someday be. I am proud that he took on such a task and that Josh has a father who will put the time into his life that will help him become a better man. Bring on the scouts, we are ready for anything! It is time for the boy to learn to become a man!