Frugal Findings 7/4/2014…


As most of you who know me IRL, most of my efforts are put forth in taking care of my family and a big part of that is being frugal. Since my dear husband is the only source of income, I think of my frugal offerings as a way to help stretch the money a little further. So, I thought I would let you guys in on some of the ways I make the dollars stretch.

Frugal Fourth of July

Today is the 4th of July and we used to run in our city’s 10k race but with race fees adding up to more than $70 each person to run, we cut that out two years ago. Last year we ran the local 10k race. I ran for free by volunteering to help with registration but we still had to pay for John to run since he couldn’t volunteer during work hours. I think that his race fee was about $30 and that didn’t include a t-shirt. So, in order to be more frugal this year, we just ran by ourselves which cost us exactly zero. We got up at 7am this morning and headed to the local Greenway and ran our own 4th of July run. It was very cool (only 65 degrees this morning) and not crowded at all. We didn’t have any problem finding parking or dealing with crowds. It was a blessing.

Afterward, we headed home for breakfast from the freezer (we are in a pantry challenge but more on that later) of pancakes and bacon. Then we took our son to play airsoft which is $20 for 8 hours of supervised play. He loves it and we consider it his “sport”. I send him with a $5 pizza which he eats all day long and he also carries bottles of water and a soda.

Hubs and I headed to the local water park which we bought a family season pass for. Our daughter decided to stay at home and spend her day playing Mindcraft and reading, so we were by ourselves. To save money, we packed a picnic lunch and ate when we got there. We also carried in some snacks and water. It was so relaxing to spend the afternoon reading on the beach watching the boats goes by. John did splurge and buy me an Italian Ice – not as frugal as we normally would have been but it was a very nice change of pace.

After a few hours of the water park, we headed home to grill burgers and bake french fries (both from the freezer). We finished the night off smores cooked over the firepit that was given to us by our very generous friends. And speaking of free outdoor gifts, I got lucky today and found a park bench for my front yard marked with a large “FREE” sign on it. We loaded it up into the minivan and headed home with it. I will spend tomorrow revamping it so I will post pics of that later.

This is how we have an almost free 4th of July. It was fun and relaxing without costing much at all.