New Years’ Goals

I do not make New Years resolutions. A resolution is a recipe for disaster and failure. Instead I make goals that are well defined and measurable. As you have read on this blog, our largest goal this year was to save 6 months worth of living expenses – to us that was in the neighborhood of $20k so we settled on the figure $20,010 for obvious reasons (being that it is 2010). I also had smaller goals this year, such as keeping up my exercise routine and starting this blog.

This week, John and I have been working on our 2011 goals and talking to the kids about setting their own 2011 goals. It is important to have something to aim at so that you keep trying to hit it. Without goals to push us on, we tend to get lazy and complacent. We are asking each child to make 5 personal goals for themselves this year. As we walk them through these steps we are hoping to teach them about making goals, defining them and putting a realistic plan into place in order to achieve success. They have already learned over the past 2 1/2 years of being a “Dave Ramsey” family that sacrifice is essential to hitting your goals. Nothing that was ever worth having comes easy.

As the New Year approaches, consider what your own goals are for 2011. Write them down, tell someone else about them so you are accountable and push yourself beyond what you consider to be reasonable. Then at this time next year, as you look back at 2011, you can see how far you have come and smile as you begin to plan even larger goals for 2012.

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