Personalized Housewarming Gift…

Recently, I was invited to a housewarming dinner for a new friend. I wanted to bring something to welcome her and her husband to their new home but was at a loss for what. I wanted the gift to be practical but personal. My budget was limited but I wanted something that she would appreciate. She had mentioned to me earlier that her house numbers are not easily visible from the street. She was concerned that no one would be able to find her house when they came to visit. That gave me the idea for my housewarming gift….

A personalized potted Rosemary plant with their house numbers on it!

personalized pot


I looked on Pinterest to find examples of the kind of look I was going for. I wanted to include the kids in the gift since I think the best way to teach them to care for other people is by example. Brittany volunteered to find the stencil online and print it out for me to use. She had a lot of fun coming up with different fonts and sizes. I had the pot already in my garage and the outdoor paint was purchased months ago at a garage sale. If you don’t already have the pot, you can purchase them inexpensively at yard sales, thrift stores or even Michaels with a coupon. I cut the number stencils our using a razor to get exact lines. I then taped them onto the pot and traced them with a pencil (in case I made any mistakes). Going slowly so it would look good, I hand painted the numbers on with a teeny tiny paintbrush. All together the personalization probably took 30 minutes including finding the stencil online. I purchased a rosemary plant from Home Depot for $6 and planted it in the pot. This way my friend could have fresh rosemary to cook with year round. When I wrote a card to go with the plant, I explained the rosemary was to give their new home flavor and I included a recipe for a family favorite – Rosemary Bread.

This gift turned out great! It came out exactly as I hadĀ envisionedĀ it would and now I am thinking of stenciling a pot on my front porch in a similar fashion – maybe even adding our last name or family initial to it. If you are looking for a fun, creative, personalized gift that doesn’t cost much, try making a personalized pot!

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