A scouting we will go….

Tonight John and Josh attended the first ever Boy Scout roundup in Josh’s short life. He is a 1st grader now and is able to join the scouts. He has been waiting for this moment for awhile now. So, off they went to converge with other males and their offspring. Josh said it would be a perfect evening if they handed him a pocket knife and a bow & arrow and drop him off in the woods to fend for himself.Oh, to have the confidence and lack of fear that he has at 6 years old!

John was a boy scout when he was younger and has fond memories of camping and other boyish activities that he wanted Josh to participate in. So, in an effort to provide that experience for Josh, John agreed to become the leader of the pack (do I hear motorcycles revving in the background??). There are now 6 small boys looking to him for guidance toward becoming the men they will someday be. I am proud that he took on such a task and that Josh has a father who will put the time into his life that will help him become a better man. Bring on the scouts, we are ready for anything! It is time for the boy to learn to become a man!