Elf Antics

So, we have an elf that comes to visit our house each December. He normally shows up sometime after Thanksgiving and stays until Christmas Day. His name is Chris and he likes to make mischief. Every day and sometimes several times per day, he finds something to get into around the house. He has moved furniture, raided my pantry for snack and goodies, hung our underwear by the fireplace with care and anything else he can think of.

Last night, he made himself a little room and snuggled in for the night. It was very cold here last night so his choice of bed made sense – my dryer! I am not sure how he got in there or how long he has been sleeping in the dryer but there he was. The kids were thrilled to find him all warm and cozy.

Take a note from Chris and try to stay warm and cozy day today and stay out of trouble.