Seeing the potential in things….

What happens when my husband has a fallen tree and a saw? He can’t help but to see potential. In this case, a potential reindeer. He made this little guy in one afternoon with the help of my 9 year old daughter. He has taught both kids how to whittle wood with a pocket knife, so she whittled one of the leg joints. I even added my artistic flair, albeit much more limited, when I added the scarf one day when he looked particularly cold. Mr. Reindeer sits in our front yard and has attracted the attention and appreciation of several neighbors. He has even been a substitute horse for several neighborhood kids. I think this reindeer will remain in our yard even after the Christmas season, he is such a cheerful addition.

Some people would have seen the fallen tree as a liability. Something to be gotten rid of as soon as possible. But not John. He taught me a lesson when he brought me this little guy, to always be open to the see the potential in things. With the right attitude and a vision, even a fallen tree can be reborn into a little reindeer.

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